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Wirral’s aspiration is to ensure that all people with disabilities and their families have a fulfilling life that includes opportunities to work, study and enjoy social and leisure activities. Wirral Evolutions is a Local Authority Company (LAC), a separate organisation that remains 100% owned by Wirral Council..


Co-production is central to achieving our objectives of personalising services and increasing choice and control for service users and carers. It will help Wirral Council to ensure that it meets the needs of people who use its services.

We recently were given the opportunity to work with MYQOL in furthering our needs and bespoking their assistive technology to meet our ongoing needs.

Appreciate the benefits of working with a system that is not an ‘App’ and therefore not dependent on wi-fi and can offer benefits on the go!

“Our staff members, working with service users with varied learning disabilities, found huge benefits from the MYQOL system. Our work place has very limited internet access and we are very restricted with technology solutions to help our service users. Through using MYQOL, we were able to work flexibly and complete Person-Centred Plans in a way that we hadn’t before. Our staff were able to edit plans on the move, through a user friendly visual sensory which works well with the younger generation. MYQOL’s person centred approach made our work much more efficient with students, parents and social work teams.”

– Mark Humpreys, Team Leader Royden Park, Wirral Evolutions

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    Royal College of Nursing

    My QoL are committed to investing in education for health care professionals and are proud supporters of RCN Projects

    The integration and use of technology within healthcare offers significant benefits in both primary and secondary care settings. These benefits can extend across nursing practice from improving person centered care to enhancing daily workflows. Providing educational tools that empower and guide nursing staff through this digital revolution is critical and will help facilitate successful incorporation and safe implementation of technologies within nursing, by nurses.