Q. How can I measure the effectiveness of the system?

A. We are able to work with you to deliver the results required, this includes, training with a ‘Train the Trainer’ concept so you always have a ‘Champion’. Collection of quarterly data which can be measured against costs. Our software aligns to the NHS Well Pathway for Dementia.

Q. How do I know if this will work in a setting for Older People?

A. Our technology is clinically lead and takes account of regular feedback from front line clinicians and forms the basis of regular upgrades to the system.

Q. Is it effective in calming and stimulating and relieving boredom?

A. Yes it is proven to be very effective and positively contributes towards meaningful occupation during the daytime. Helping with awake/sleep patterns, so patients stay awake during the day and sleep at night. Minimising falls risk

Q. Are there any ongoing costs?

A. No. once the system has been purchased there are no recurring fees.

Q. Do I require my IT Department to support the system?

A. No. The software is fully supported by us. We have a dedicated Customer Support Team that will deal with all day to day issues.

Q. Do I need to have access to Wi-Fi?

A. No. The software is not an ‘App’. Whilst the product is Wi-Fi enabled, there is no requirement to have Wi-Fi for the functionality of the system.

Q. Is it complicated to use?

A. No. The software has been designed with the End User in mind. It is simple and effective.

Q. Does it comply with infection control requirements?

A. Yes, everything can be wiped cleaned to comply with Trust’s infection control guidelines

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