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Quality of Life for people with Learning Disabilities

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Our software can contribute positively in delivering support and interventions for people with a learning disability and behaviours that challenge, increasing their skills rather than changing the person with the aim of improving Quality of Life

It takes into account the severity of a person’s learning disability, their developmental stage and any communication difficulties, whether they are physical or mental problems.

It can work towards improving quality of life around mood and wellbeing and can support self-management and encourages the person to be independent through the variety of activities and menus in a way that is appropriate to the person’s cognitive development.

Our portfolio of products is supporting the delivery of care

  • Helping reduce agitation and calming
  • Reducing LOS
  • Improves levels of communication  and can therapeutically engage
  • Reduces Falls
  • Encourages independence
  • Can work towards Improving quality of life around mood and wellbeing

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Lily and Emma, Trafford Council

Lily and Emma, Trafford Council

Helping to support families with assistive technology where there are acute learning disabilities offers such positive benefits for the family as a whole. We felt very privileged to work closely with Lily and her daughter Emma who was diagnosed with Sanfillipo disease at the age of 4 years. Affected children, generally do not show any […]

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    My QoL are committed to investing in education for health care professionals and are proud supporters of RCN Projects

    The integration and use of technology within healthcare offers significant benefits in both primary and secondary care settings. These benefits can extend across nursing practice from improving person centered care to enhancing daily workflows. Providing educational tools that empower and guide nursing staff through this digital revolution is critical and will help facilitate successful incorporation and safe implementation of technologies within nursing, by nurses.