The Benefits of the All in One System –

  • Manages and Reduces Challenging Behaviours Powerful in meeting ‘Unmet Needs’ Conducive to behaviour Support Plans. Promotes active engagement through structured and personalised daily activities. Has saved the NHS thousands of pounds per year on additional support and staffing.
  • Improves quality of life & supports self management Works towards improving quality of life around mood and wellbeing. Helps support self-management and encourages the person ( young people and adults) to be independent.
  • Tailored to the person Takes into account the severity of a person’s cognitive development, including spoken and picture formats and is written in different colours and fonts. Plans are made bespoke by/for each individual.
  • Literacy skills not required Offers a solution for individuals with no or limited literacy skills. Available in a format appropriate to the person’s cognitive development including spoken and picture format and is written in different colours and fonts.
  • Easy to Operate Can be operated by anyone with basic hand/eye coordination.
  • Provides insights into individual Can allow the Professional to learn much more about the individual and extent of their skill set.