Introducing ALM - Assistive Living Monitoring

Assistive Living Monitoring is a non-invasive monitoring system promoting and supporting independence. We are proud to say that this is designed and developed by ourselves in the UK.

ALM incorporates:

  • Microwave and thermographic mapping to see inside an apartment without the need for invasive CCTV
  • Audio mapping to alert staff if there is a distressed or agitated service user
  • Wearable device to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, GPS location and communicate
  • Sensory lighting to enhance mood illuminating any room size
  • Sensory projection bespoke for each individual

State of the Art Thermographic Technology is available in our ALM product. This operates through thermographic imaging and wireless technology and relays back to a central station which can be located wherever the relayed monitoring is required. It provides a platform that allows an LA or Assisted Living Organisation to enable people in their care whilst providing dignity & privacy. It has the capability to detect unreasonable noise and falls.

“The night staff were going about their normal routine, when the ALM system on the main screen alarmed, triggered by one of the Fall Alert Sensors. She took a look at which room it was and went to investigate. She found the resident on the floor and immediately assisted.”

Watch the video below to find out more: