Introducing ALM - Assistive Living Monitoring

Assistive Living Monitoring is a non-invasive monitoring system promoting and supporting independence. We are proud to say that this is designed and developed by ourselves in the UK.

ALM incorporates:

  • Microwave and thermographic mapping to see inside an apartment without the need for invasive CCTV
  • Audio mapping to alert staff if there is a distressed or agitated service user
  • Wearable device to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, GPS location and communicate
  • Sensory lighting to enhance mood illuminating any room size
  • Sensory projection bespoke for each individual

State of the Art Thermographic Technology is available in our ALM product. This operates through thermographic imaging and wireless technology and relays back to a central station which can be located wherever the relayed monitoring is required. It provides a platform that allows an LA or Assisted Living Organisation to enable people in their care whilst providing dignity & privacy. It has the capability to detect unreasonable noise and falls.

Watch the video below to find out more:

myqol oculus v2-1