RITA - Rehabilitation and Interactive Therapy Activities

RITA is an all-in-one touch Screen digital therapy system which is a relatively new tool in the fields of nursing and healthcare; it encompasses the use of user-friendly interactive screens and tablets to blend entertainment with therapy.

The Benefits of Using Our System

  • Manages and Reduces Challenging Behaviours

    Powerful in meeting ‘Unmet Needs’ Conducive to behaviour Support Plans. Promotes active engagement through structured and personalised daily activities.

  • Improves quality of life & supports self management

    Can work towards improving quality of life around mood and wellbeing. Helps support self-management and encourages the person (young children, young people and adults) to be independent.

  • Tailored to the person

    Takes into account the severity of a person’s cognitive development, including spoken and picture formats and is written in different colours and fonts.

  • Literacy skills not required

    Offers a solution for individuals with no or limited literacy skills. Available in a format appropriate to the person’s cognitive development including spoken and picture format and is written in different colours and fonts.

  • Easy to Operate

    Can be operated by anyone with basic hand/eye coordination.

  • Provides insights into individual

    Can allow the Professional to learn much more about the individual and extent of their skill set.